Thursday, November 27, 2008


The family came for dinner today and with all the talking we did, the pictures weren't taken until everyone was ready to leave. Walt wasn't feeling well, so he, Sean and Judy left early. Alice's family had another dinner to go to at Troy's house. Tim was doing fine until he breathe in gasoline fumes and it made him sick. He left so he could get home and take his meds.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

At the Lake - Nov. 15, 08

I needed to just get out for awhile so I tried taking a few pictures on the water, nothing much was going on. These are about all I was able to get.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Day Trip with Judy

Judy and I headed out on Saturday for a trip to WHO KNOWS WHERE. We started out heading west on Route 360 cut across to Route 60 and ended up near Buena Vista before hitting the Blue Ridge Parkway. The pictures are in no particular order since there wasn't a lot to see except trees, trees and more trees. (I can see lots of them out any window at my house)
The ALBINO deer was actually the highlite of our trip as we were heading back to Richmond. It was after dark when we saw it.
This particular picture was taken by Judy.

This is a picture of the clouds and the trees reflecting in the water at Sherando Lake. I flipped the picture to give it a look of a painting.

We had never seen cows like these before. Judy checked them out on the web, found out they are called Belted Galloway Cows, aka Belties, aka Oreo Cookies.

Yes, there is actually a LOVE, VIRGINIA

Judy's dog Carla thought walking on the wall was wonderful. Each time we stopped on the parkway, she'd get out and check things out.