Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bible School

Mom has been sitting in the 1 year old nursery watching the little ones. She has been enjoying herself. Here she is with one of the 3 babies in the nursery.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

King's Tea

Lenora, Judy, Cassie and Dorothy at the Daughters of the King's Tea -
May 30th, 2009.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost.
She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below.
She shouted to him, "Excuse me, can you help me?
I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I
don't know where I am."
The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, "You're in a hot
air balloon, approximately 30 feet above a
ground elevation of 2,346 feet above sea level. You are at
31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west
She rolled her eyes and said, "You must be a Republican."
"I am," replied the man. "How did you know?"
"Well," answered the balloonist, "everything you told me is
technically correct. But I have no idea what to do with
your information, and I'm still lost. Frankly, you've not been much
help to me."
The man smiled and responded, "You must be an Obama Democrat."
"I am," replied the balloonist. "How did you know?"
"Well," said the man, "you don't know where you are or where you
are going. You've risen to where you are, due to a large quantity of
hot air. You made a promise you have no idea how to keep, and
you expect me to solve your problem. You're in exactly the same
position you were in before we met, but somehow, now it's all my

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mom (Sunday Afternoon)

Sitting on the front porch at Walt & Judy's house watching Walt and Sean loading a trailer with branches from trees they had taken down.

Mom with her friend, Audrey, at church tonight.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Word of Life Ceremony

Andrew and Cassie with their certificates and medals they earned during the year.

After the 6th grade, the kids will be going into the Youth Group. This is a big step for all of them. The graduation march is just a way of identifying those that will be moving up.

The Pope and Nancy Pelosi

The Pope and Nancy Pelosi are on the same stage in front of a huge crowd.The Speaker of the House and His Holiness, however, have seen it all
To make it a little more interesting, Pelosi says to the Pope, "Did
You know that with just one little wave of my hand I can make every
Democrat in the crowd go wild?"

He doubts it, so she shows him. Sure
enough, the wave elicits rapture and cheering from every
Democrat in the crowd. Gradually, the cheering subsides.

The Pope, not wanting to be out done by
such a level of arrogance, considers what he could do. "That was
impressive, the Pope says, "But did you know that with just one
little wave of MY hand I can make EVERY person in the crowd go crazy
with joy? This joy will not be a momentary display like that of your
subjects, but will go deep into their hearts, and they will forever
speak of this day and rejoice."

Pelsosi seriously doubts this, and says so. "One little wave of your hand and all people will rejoice forever? Show me."

So the Pope slapped her.

Monday, June 01, 2009