Saturday, May 01, 2010

Baby Bluebirds as They Left the Nest

As I started out to weed eat, the bluebirds were just making an awful racket. I grabbed my camera to just sit and watch so I could see what was going on. There were cardinals and woodpeckers so I thought that was upsetting them. Finally the other birds flew off and things settled down a little. Mom and Pop were still acting up when I saw not one head in the hole but 2. As I was shooting pictures of that, the parents keep tempting the little ones with worms. It wasn't long until one little one decided it was time to get out into the wide, wide world. One after another left the nest with a total of 4. I was able to shoot a couple of pictures as two of them flew. Got better ones after they had been out 3 or 4 minutes.
Found out later the racket the had been making was because there was a blacksnake near the birdhouse. Got pics of him slithering up a tree.
Pretty exciting thing to watch...

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